Sage Intacct – Industry Solution of the Year Award


KnowLedger was honored to be selected from among more than 200 Sage Intacct Marketplace partners and named Industry Solution Partner of the Year 2021 by Sage Intacct, on November 9th. The Sage Intacct Marketplace consists of integrated partners offering innovative cloud solutions to address a wide range of business needs and support business success. 

A tool that automates the movement of data, KnowLedger’s rules-based approach to transferring data between investment systems and Sage Intacct ensures accuracy, completeness, and data confidence. The KnowLedger team works closely with family offices to establish mappings and data flow, and then oversees the movement of the data from its source. Through this automation, KnowLedger administers routine data entry processes, so accounting staffs can focus on higher-value review and audit tasks.

Why did KnowLedger partner with Sage Intacct?

As an industry leader in accounting and financial management software, Sage has created a top-tier ecosystem, offering clients the ability to connect to all of the tools that they need. A quote from Sage’s Benny Chung illustrates the supportive partnership environment they create: 

“It was an honor to present KnowLedger with the Industry Solution Partner of the Year award for 2021. KnowLedger has helped pave the way for Sage Intacct to approach family offices and, with our combined efforts, achieve some great success. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this partnership in 2022. Great work, Ryan!” Benny Chung Business Development Manager Sage

What does this mean for you? Why would you want your staff to perform time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive data entry by hand if they don’t have to?

Our thanks again to Sage Intacct, Inc., for partnering with us and for recognizing the contributions that KnowLedger is making to family offices.