The Family Office Accounting Power Tool

Automate, accelerate, and enhance the investment account data feed to your GL

Family Office Accounting Data Entry – the Smart Way

Configure an automated data feed from your investment accounts to your GL with intelligent, rules-based data management that improves the detail, accuracy and speed of keeping your GL up-to-date.

Move data the smart way.

Are you often delayed in providing your cash forecasting and investment reporting because you are spending too much time and effort keying in data and handling month-end reconciling issues? 

If so, KnowLedger might be right for you.

Get your accountants back to accounting by taking data entry
off of their plates.

KnowLedger is an accounting translation tool that interprets and posts data from custodians with a rules-based approach that ensures accuracy, completeness, and data confidence. Our team works closely with you to establish mappings and data flow, then oversees the recurring movement of the data from your source to your GL.

KnowLedger has helped to free up our accountants who now can focus on reviewing the data and making decisions.

Phil Smith, GCI

KnowLedger is a power tool that increases the bandwidth of your accounting staff.

KnowLedger is a service that translates data from one (or more) systems such as your portfolio accounting system(s) to your GL in a fraction of the time it would take manually.  KnowLedger does all the journal entry work for you, quickly and precisely. We not only translate your data, but in doing so, we simultaneously audit your data health. Eliminate redundancy, re-keying. Eliminate latency. And deliver up-to-date accuracy across your integrated financial network.

Firms want solutions that free up their resources to focus on their core business, not wrangling data.

Ryan Kerry, Founder, KnowLedger

KnowLedger eliminates your closing and reporting headaches

KnowLedger can post data much more frequently than any process with people entering data. This means problems are found and fixed more quickly, intra-month. Therefore, the month end process lasts only a few days.


Onboarding starts with a questionnaire, data spreadsheets, an on-site interview process, and analysis of your chart of accounts and entity structure. From these sources, we are able to determine the level of complexity involved with your accounting environment.


Our clients ultimately determine the frequency for updating the GL, but many post as frequently as weekly. This enables faster data correction, greater accuracy, and an efficient period-end reconciliation.

KnowLedger is ideal if you…

If your family office feels trapped in a never-ending pattern of anxious deadlines, needing to quickly compile detailed reports without analyzing them because you are spending too much time manually keying endless transactions, KnowLedger might be right for you.

Learn how KnowLedger can benefit your office