The Accounting Data Power Tool

Automate, accelerate, and enhance the investment account data feed to your GL

Accounting Data Entry – the Smart Way

Configure an automated data feed from your investment accounts to your GL with intelligent, rules-based data management that improves the detail, accuracy and speed of keeping your GL up-to-date.

KnowLedger has helped to free up our accountants who now can focus on reviewing the data and making decisions.

Phil Smith | GCI

Benefits to TAX Processing

We automate the posting of key tax information directly to your general ledger including 1099 and brokerage statement transactions (other details – alternatives?) so you can quickly access and substantiate those details for your clients’ tax returns. Specific benefits of this efficient process are:

Benefits to Your REPORTING

By automating the posting of transactions and key investment information, you could provide constructive analysis to your clients by helping them make more timely and informed decisions. You will better be able to offer detailed reporting needs to our clients by:

Firms want solutions that free up their resources to focus on their core business, not wrangling data.

Ryan Kerry | Founder | KnowLedger

KnowLedger is ideal if you…

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