KnowLedger Welcomes Bill Rouse

KnowLedger is pleased to announce that Bill has joined KnowLedger as its COO. Bill is a CPA with decades of operations, onboarding, and accounting expertise.  He brings with him comprehensive experience in investment accounting, automation, and operations that he developed as COO in three key industry segments: private equity fund administration, multi-family office, and registered investment advisor. A key to Bill’s unique skillset for KnowLedger, while working with one of the largest family offices in New York City, Bill developed an integrated investment reporting and performance system that used an accounting application as its data engine.  He is also proficient with Addepar, Advent, and BlackDiamond.


Ryan Kerry CEO of KnowLedger, is excited to have Bill join the company. “Bill and I worked together for many years and bringing him onboard was an easy decision.” “In addition to Bill’s expertise and experience in the area of general ledger integration, he has the accounting knowledge necessary to maximize each client’s accounting application.” “Now, when clients hire KnowLedger, they have access to the broad scope of Bill’s background to support the efficient aggregation and posting of their investment transactions and valuations into their general ledger system.”


KnowLedger is an intelligent accounting middleware application. It uses knowledge engineering to translate investment transactions from portfolio accounting and custodial systems into general ledger systems, automatically producing double-sided journal entries for posting.  KnowLedger’s process continuously updates translation rules by combining technology and accounting oversight.  KnowLedger allows accounting teams to focus on higher-value analytical and audit work by eliminating the need for manual, and error-prone, entry of investment statements and underlying data.


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